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What is Dupont Zytel

So what has an engine bay cover got to do with a fancy name such as Dupont Zytel?

Zytel is a trademark name for a nylon polymer owned by DuPont and is used for multiple products that require a strong thermoplastic polyamide such as Nylon. Zytel was developed as a brand of performance nylon resin by DPont which is both high in stiffness and heat resistance. These applications of Zytel span from consumer electronics to automotive casings.

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Zytel nylon resin is fairly flexible during manufacturing which allows for more than one application with the same material which also means that revised iterations of an application can be conducted more than once without wasting materials.

Zytel resin provides high mechanical strength and toughness which offers good electrical and flammability properties. These applications include unfilled, modified and reinforced options, as well as tough, mineral reinforced, flame retardant and high viscosity grades. These applications are used in cable ties, gearbox housings and as above, automotive casings.

The many uses of Zytel Polymer

Zytel resin is used in automotive housings, cable insulation, fittings, electronics, furniture, photovoltaic panelling, thermoplastics and more. Outdoor products are one of many that excel in the application of Zytel resin as it allows for environmentally resistant coatings and waterproofing.

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